Cork is a typically Portuguese raw material and 100% natural.
Extracted from cork oak without harming the tree’s development, this vegetal matter is extremely light and recyclable. The VP NATURAL soles are produced with the waste from the Cork Industry along with thermoplastic rubber. With a production process that was designed by us and mainly manual, it is possible to obtain a product with a natural look. The soles that incorporate cork should always use it as stuffing or even, as it is usually called, as a second colour, as a way to ensure the durability of the material throughout its use.


Sustainable soles with cork that are produced with waste from the cork industry.
Allows the development of tricolor solutions.


In collaboration with AMORIM CORK we have developed a sustainable material than contains 15% of CORK remmants and ruber waste. This material can be used on all of our TR soles.


We combine the lightness of EVA with the advantages of CORK. Absolutely innovative, definitely sustainable.

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