Specialists in producing soles for the Footwear Industry, Vapesol seeks the quality of its products and the full satisfaction of its clients. Established in March 1998, as a result of a passion for soles that grew together with the will to accomplish more and, most of all, to innovate, we have grown to become the leader of the Footwear Industry.



Ongoing investments in solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By investing in the latest technologies, we have reduced the power consumption required to power our numerous equipments by at least 50%.



With the clean energy we managed to avoid around 176 TonCO2 emissions per year.



Production of solar energy with 1501 photovoltaic panels installed in the company facilities.

Leader company in Portugal in the production of injected soles of TPR, TPU, EVA, PU, HANDMADE SOLES, RUBBER and others distinguished by environmental concern, VAPESOL bets on the best technology and quality, innovating in solutions, techniques and resources and materializing ideas and concepts for their clients.
VAPESOL’s mission is to provide satisfaction to its customers through creative solutions and quality products, crafting in the best way the various materials that make up the soles and contributing to the comfort and well-being of consumers.
VAPESOL’s vision is to be a reference company in the footwear components industry, both nationally and internationally, for both the excellence of its products and its brand.
The wide range of services, from design to production, makes VAPESOL a market leader, distinguished by technological progress, implementation of actions with environmental concerns and a solid relationship with customers.
We live in a fast-changing era and Vapesol takes it upon itself to stay “always a step ahead”.

The entire footwear industry is evolving but the soles even more so, as they are setting the trend for every cutting-edge shoe.

The pursuit for quality, efficiency and innovative solutions is growing stronger, and while many predict this industry is becoming global, the high-fashion industry demands trendy yet extremely light and sustainable products.

Our distinctive features are shown in every detail and all over our company: a wide range of products, a great sense of teamwork and human resources with a vast experience in this industry.

Here at Vapesol, we strive for perfection, always according to our customers’ purpose. Our goal is to “open the door” to everyone who wishes to place themselves according our philosophy: to be the best of the best.

Décio Pereira


Discover our journey through history

Foundation of Vapesol by José Pereira;

Team: 15 employees;
Production capacity: 2000 pairs/day.
Creation of own brand / Launch of Vapesol’s collection.
Entry of the current CEO Décio Pereira.
PME Líder;
Production capacity: 8000 pairs/day.
PME Líder;
Acquisition of equipment for the production of soles in TPU;
Team reinforcement and growth: 33 employees.
Décio Pereira becomes CEO and implements new strategies with the goal of internationalization;
PME Líder;
PME Excelência;
Production capacity: 11000 pairs/day.
Billing grows more than 30%/year;
PME Líder;
PME Excelência;
Investment in Renewable Energies: installation of photovoltaic panels on company premises.
Investments in expansion of the factory and equipment;
PME Líder;
PME Excelência;
Team reinforcement and growth: 52 employees;
Production capacity: 13500 pairs/day.
Investments in expansion of the factory and equipment with the finest technology in the industry;
PME Líder;
PME Excelência.
Investments in expansion of the administrative area and showroom;
PME Líder;
PME Excelência;
Production capacity: 17500 pairs/day.
Beginning of equipment’s renovation for the production of soles with low density materials;
Team reinforcement and growth: 79 employees.
PME Líder;
PME Excelência;
Production capacity: 19500 pairs/day.
Expansion of facilities and equipment: automatic warehouse of raw materials, automatic mold warehouse and acquisition of equipment for the production of EVA soles;
PME Líder;
PME Excelência.
PME Líder;
PME Excelência;
Production capacity: 20000 pairs/day.
Pedro Pereira joins the commercial team of Vapesol. This is the second son of the founder to join the company.
Certification of the Management and Quality System (QMS), according to NP EN ISO 9001: 2015;
Creation of new services: gluing of different materials (EVA with TPU);
Acquisition of equipment for handmade soles operations;
Team reinforcement and growth: 98 employees;
Start of work towards Environmental Certification;
Member of SATRA, COTEC and PIEP Associate.
PME Líder 2020
Start of production of Vulcanized Rubber
Acquisition of Laser Machine
Acquisition of new equipment for the EVA sole production sector that will triple the daily production capacity
Acquisition of new equipment that will enable the company to reinforce its focus on the production sector for HANDMADE SOLES
In 2021 Vapesol increases its team to more than 100 employees.
New EVA soles production unit, with an area of ​​1200 square meters and a production capacity of 3000 pairs per day.
Vapesol was distinguished with the certification of the Environmental Management System, according to NP EN ISO 14001: 2015.
In 2021, Vapesol started implementing the RCS – Recycled Claim Standard.
Obtaining RCS certification for our recycled TPR;
PME Líder;
It has 150 employees with a total production capacity of 25,000 pairs per day;
The year 2022 is marked by major investment in the samples section where VP invested + 1 million euros to produce TR, TPU and EVA samples;
2022, VP begins a 12-month partnership with Instituto Kaizen in order to implement new work methodologies;
EVA unit increases daily production capacity to 4000 pairs per day;
Granting health insurance to all employees in 2022;
Placement of 666 solar panels in the EVA unit in 2021 and 2022;
In total, Vapesol currently has 1501 solar panels in the two units.
Celebration of Vapesol 25th Anniversary.
Vapesol starts doing pad printing work.
In 2023, Vapesol creates the comfort soles brand Be´ Kloud.

In 2024, Vapesol creates the soles brand EVA POWDER.


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Vapesol is proof that organization and work are the key to growth and success. We have more than 400 clients in the industrial sector and Vapesol is undoubtedly the fastest growing customer in the last 10 years, a daily calculated and sustained growth. It is a company with a fantastic team, chosen over the years by an intelligent and extremely committed and dedicated leader. I am proud to say that Vapesol is our customer and that it contributes to the development of our software and consequently to all our other customers. Thank you Vapesol.

António Macedo, SoftIdeia

“Vapesol has been an innovative partner that not only provides an excellent response to our needs but also has supported us with new ideas and technologies. We have also found in Vapesol the reactive capacity and flexibility we need to continue growing in an increasingly competitive market. All this with a team that is always available, dynamic and very friendly.”

António Salazar, CEO KANKURA-SALAZAR, Lda.

“My experience with Vapesol has been lasting for many years. Their range of innovative and creative solutions helps me, easily, in my creations. I am very pleased with the work of the various teams that accompany me, with a special emphasis on the Sales team.”

Paulo Pinto, IBERSHOES