Company from Felgueiras opens new industrial unit.
Vapesol has opened a new industrial unit dedicated to the production of EVA soles. The investment, which amounted to around 2 million euros, made it possible to create an industrial unit exclusively dedicated to the production of soles of this type, an increasing demand from customers. In total, the new unit – which has 44 production stations – created around 50 new jobs, which allow the company to produce approximately 4000 pairs of soles per day, which represents a production capacity of 1 million pairs of EVA soles per year.

Jornal da APICCAPS spoke with Décio Pereira, responsible for the company, to learn about these and new Vapesol projects.

Vapesol has continuously invested in the company. What investments has the company made in recent years?
In the last five years, Vapesol has made an investment of several million euros in the areas of Technology & Innovation, Certification, Sustainability and in the production sector, with the acquisition of new machines.

For example, we invested in 10 machines equipped with the best technology for the injection of tricolor TR/TPU soles. Another big bet was the reformulation of our entire sample sector where all injection and finishing equipment are equipped with the most advanced technology in the world, in this way we can guarantee our customers samples within 48 hours.

But the biggest investment was made in the EVA soles production unit; one of our main focuses for the future. I can even say that at this moment Vapesol is the most technologically advanced sole company for the production of TR, TPU and EVA soles.

The most recent bet is a new industrial unit dedicated to the production of EVA soles. How did the project come about?
In recent years we have seen a great increase in the demand for EVA soles from our customers. When the pandemic started, which still affects us today, we decided that we would have to move towards diversifying our range of products. Eva is the ‘fashionable’ sole material, major brands worldwide are increasingly using this type of sole for the development of their footwear collections. The project for our EVA industrial unit was practically completed in February 2022.

In this new EVA sole production unit, Vapesol made an investment of 2 million euros. In total, 44 production stations were created, which allow us to make approximately 4000 pairs a day, which gives a production capacity of 1 million pairs of EVA soles per year. We are the company with the greatest responsiveness in the production of EVA soles.

What new solution do you intend to present to the market with this new unit?
Eva soles in their most diverse variants, we want to innovate in this sector. Our main focus is the traditional Eva with expansion 1.4, which we work for the market with our brand VP GravityFree. However, we already have a lot of productions of flip-flops and EVA shoes for world-renowned brands.

We also produce EVA board for prefabricated items. Our main focus is on what is considered the most noble material on the market today. It is a mixture of EVA and Rubber that makes it possible to produce the so-called light rubber.

Vapesol has been increasingly successful in the production of soles with a mixture of Eva and Rubber and for this purpose we created and registered our brand VP LightRUBBER. Also in this material, as a result of the increasing demand from customers for sustainable materials, we developed EVA GREEN and we are the first company worldwide to re-incorporate EVA, resulting from waste, again in soles and for which we are already work towards RCS certification.

Has EVA been an increasingly sought after solution by customers? Why? What are the features of this product?
The first and main feature is LIGHTNESS. Associated with this, flexibility, comfort and noble appearance make EVA the material with the greatest growth potential for the coming years, in the production of soles for footwear. Vapesol is focused on guaranteeing our customers the best quality and speed in the production of EVA soles.

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