TPR has excellent durability and abrasion resistance characteristics. With densities that can vary between 0.60 – 1 g/cm3 and abrasions between 60 and 200 mm3, depending on customer requirements/specifications, soles produced with this material are suitable for footwear with requirements that value good flexibility, longevity and resistance throughout its use. Lightness, a fundamental characteristic for the development of a comfortable shoe, is ensured when other lighter TPRs are mixed into the same sole (for example: a two-color sole that applies TPR Standard on the tread and, in the second color, another TPR with density of 0.60 g/cm3). This material is versatile due to its ease of production and also presents a wide color palette that includes translucent and completely transparent solutions.

Sturdy soles. Allows the development of up to tricolor solutions.