At Vapesol, the concern for sustainability is continuously reflected in the innovative products that we present to the markets and whose design and development is based on the principles of the circular economy, also, by monitoring and improving its environmental performance, which allows the reduce of energy consumption, CO2 emissions, water consumption and waste production.

As a result of the investment in protecting the environment and in the effective management of natural resources, Vapesol obtained the certification of its Environmental Management System, which was implemented in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 14001:2015 Standard.

Guided by its innovative spirit, Vapesol is the first Portuguese sole producer to obtain the GRS – Global Recycled Standard certification for TR and TPU soles. Certified products contain at least 45% pre-consumer recycled material and can reach up to 100% recycled content, which promotes life cycle extension and material circularity.

The GRS standard is based on the principle of traceability and transparency, which requires Vapesol to have high control over the origin of raw materials, their segregation, processing and shipping, which further contributes to the high organization that characterizes the company.

At the same time, certification by the GRS standard is a demonstration of good practices in environmental management, social responsibility and the control and management of chemical substances, which reflects Vapesol high commitment to a sustainability strategy.


Sustainability goes far beyond the use of renewable energies, other actions have also contributed to building a true organizational culture of environmental preservation. Vapesol installed an electricity production unit with 1501 photovoltaic panels for self-consumption and started to acquire energy produced almost entirely from renewable sources. In the pursuit of efficient energy management, processes are fully associated with sustainability and good environmental practices, which include investments in rationalization measures and more efficient management of consumption, such as through the use of natural light with light tiles, LED lighting low consumption and modern and energy efficient equipment.


The production process at Vapesol uses water in a closed circuit recirculation regime, as the cooling systems of the injection machines are installed to reduce water consumption as much as possible. The company also has faucets with sensors for flow reduction and employees are continually made aware of the rational use of water


Vapesol has suction and treatment systems for potential atmospheric pollutants that are regularly monitored. The chimneys meet all requirements ensuring that there is no release of pollution into the atmosphere.


At Vapesol, the hierarchical principles of waste management are applied. Whether in the production process by reducing, optimizing consumption and reusing raw materials and other materials. When it is not possible to prolong the life cycle and the use of certain resources, these are properly segregated and sent for recovery and recycling.


Vapesol optimizes the packaging of its products. Recycled cardboard boxes are used and transported after automatic palletizing with plastic film. This equipment allowed to reduce the consumption of plastic for packaging by around 80%. Filling to the maximum capacity of packages and vehicles, combined with optimized distribution routes allow for a more efficient management of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Vapesol also collects the cardboard boxes used in the packaging from its customers in order to give them a second use, extending, whenever possible, the life cycle of the packaging. When it is not feasible to reuse the packaging, waste is sent for recycling, allowing the recovery of the card.


The investment in the production of biodegradable soles and soles with recyclable compounds only reinforced Vapesol growing strategy to defend environmental sustainability and the circular economy.

The VP SUSTAINABLE brand soles bring together products made of materials:

Bio-based or bioplastic

Such as soles made from corn, cellulose or sugar cane.


Soles made from materials classified as biodegradable according to EN 13432.


Soles composed of recovered, reused and recycled raw material, avoiding the generation of waste from their production, reducing the company’s ecological footprint.

Other brands owned by Vapesol are VP NATURAL which include cork soles.