Vapesol obtains RCS certification for soles and GRS renovation.

VAPESOL has just obtained RCS certification for soles and GRS renovation. The sole company was supported by the CTCP in obtaining the RCS sole certification. At the same time, the company also renewed the GRS certification of several products. These certificates reflect the effort and commitment that Vapesol has dedicated to the implementation of environmental practices and circular economy tools that promote sustainability, in the use of materials and productive activity.

The RCS – Recycled Claim Standard and GRS – Global Recycled Standard certifications originate from the RCS and GRS standards, respectively, which are standards under the responsibility of Textile Exchange. This internationally recognized entity has developed mechanisms that guarantee the transparency of the certification processes applied to the use of recycled materials in substitution of virgin raw materials and also the use of materials of organic origin in the production of clothing, home textiles and shoe.

At Vapesol, products certified in accordance with the requirements of the RCS and GRS standards contain at least 5% and 20%, respectively, of recycled raw materials, which may originate from recycled raw materials purchased from already certified suppliers or from the reprocessing of non-compliant soles that result from failures in your production process.

In the case of RCS soles, the incorporation of 50% of recycled TR raw material is guaranteed and in the case of GRS soles, TR materials and certified TPU are used, which can constitute up to 100% of the final product. Within the scope of the more demanding GRS certification, there is also evidence in terms of authorship of compliance with social responsibility requirements, environmental management requirements and management of chemical substances.

In any of Vapesol’s RCS or GRS products, the quality and resistance of the soles are not compromised and solutions based on the principles of the circular economy and the reduction of the footwear sector’s environmental impact are made available to customers.