Vapesol Lda.’s vision is to be a company of reference in the footwear components industry, both nationally and internationally, for the excellence of its products and its brand.
Its mission is to provide satisfaction to its clients through creative solutions and quality products, crafting the various materials that make up the soles in the best way possible, thus contributing to the comfort and well-being of their consumers.

For its identity, Vapesol defines the following values: value (we acknowledge qualitications and skills), attitude (we believe in what we do), partnership (lasting and trustworthy relationships with interested parties), excellence (the search for continuous improvement), sustainability (based on economic, social and environmental pillars), objectivity (results focused on legal compliance and ethical principles) and loyalty (faithful to our values and commitments).
Being this a team work, it is necessary to have all partners involved (employees, suppliers and clients), striving to ensure:
– Customer satisfaction as a reason for business success;
– The quality of products suited to the needs of our clients and final consumers, providing them with innovative solutions that allow for competitive advantage;
– The professional development of employees through an adequate conjugation between training and practice and the provision of a healthy working environment;
– The strict compliance with the regulations and legislation applicable to our products;
– The continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, having as reference the standard NP EN ISO 9001.