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Cookies are small text files saved to your device when you access websites.
These allow the storage of a set of user-related information, some of which are used to recognize the user on future visits to our site, and others are used to ensure the features provided and to improve the user’s experience and performance on the site.
The type of information that can be analyzed using cookies is as follows: user name, email address and password, the internet protocol (IP) address that is used to connect to the internet, the type and version of browser, operating system and platform used for the connection, the web addresses (URLs) from which or through which you have accessed and left our services online, and the date and time of such activity, among others.
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The use of cookies optimizes the user’s browsing, allowing the stored data to improve their experience in the site, increasing the response efficiency of the web address.
Thus, they allow to eliminate some repetitive actions in the site, as well as assist in the presentation of information, to meet your interests in the best way.


Cookies are segmented according to their purpose and expiration date.
Essential cookies are key elements of access to certain areas of the site, such as access to secure areas of the site through login and password.
By disabling cookies, the same services may not be queried.
Feature cookies memorize the user’s browsing preferences.
Analytical cookies allow the memorization of how a site is navigated, for the purpose of presenting products or services that meet the user, through the monitoring of the site.
Some examples are the ones that save the pages most visited, the time spent in each page, the products or services searched, etc. These cookies store statistical information.


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