Vapesol is a company specialized in the manufacture of shoe soles. Our focus is making quality soles that meet our client’s demands.

We produce a wide range of soles in TR, TPU and EVA, Mono/ Bic/ Tricolor, Bio density and extra light TR soles.

We believe that the sole is the foundation of a good shoe, a sole with quality and design makes a shoe more appealing.

We have a specialized team and the most advanced technology to ensure that the final product achieves the quality parameters.
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Vapesol is a company that has been founded in 1998 and has developed a lot since its establishment.
Our objective is to keep developing  in terms of management, quality and innovation. Today, Vapesol manufactures for the top international brands and exports for over 20 countries.

Currently, we manufacture TR and TPU soles, about 20 000 pairs a day (approximately 4 million pairs a year) and all our products are made at our facilities in Portugal which has a covered area of 4900 m2 (closed area) in a total of 14000 m2.

We have the best technology available in the market in what injected soles are concerned (TR, TPU) as well as a lot of experience in the finishing sole. This is one great strength of our company. Injected soles finishing.

We are currently working upon two main pillars:
1. Our own soles collection, which are presented twice a year, SPRING/ SUMMER and FALL/WINTER, at the Lineapelle Fair in Italy.
2. Another aspect is receiving our customer’s concepts and turn them into an TR or TPU injected sole.

We are completely autonomous in developing a prototype, mold, production and concept of quality.
Developing soles is our greatest strength either in terms of quality either in speed.
We are an injected soles leading company in Portugal, either in technology as well as in innovation and quality.

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